06-14-2013 Memory-boosting chemical is identified in mice
06-14-2013 Sugar overload can damage heart
06-14-2013 New class of pulsating stars that defy current theories
06-13-2013 Key mechanism discovered that boosts signalling function of neurons in the brain
06-13-2013 Major hurdle cleared to diabetes transplants
06-13-2013 A Peptide to Protect Brain Function
06-13-2013 Gene offers an athlete's heart without the exercise
03-03-2013 First documented case of a child being cured of HIV
03-03-2013 Cancer vaccines self-sabotage, channel immune attack to injection site
03-01-2013 Short algorithm, long-range consequences
02-28-2013 Ancient micro-continent under the Indian Ocean identified
02-28-2013 Groundbreaking Study Shows Key Enzyme Missing from Aggressive Form of Breast Cancer
02-28-2013 Wolf in sheep's clothing: Uncovering how deadly bacteria trick the immune system
02-28-2013 Atoms with Quantum-Memory
02-28-2013 After the human genome project: The human microbiome project
02-27-2013 NuSTAR helps solve riddle of black hole spin
02-27-2013 Reading the Human Genome
02-27-2013 Unlocking fuel cell conductivity
02-27-2013 Brain Cells Shown Able to Far Outlive the Lifespan of Their Host
02-27-2013 New cancer 'vaccine' shows future promise in treating and preventing metastatic cancers
02-27-2013 Chemists find help from nature in fighting cancer
02-26-2013 Indecisive quanta -- A quantum critical point between the ferromagnetic and non-magnetic
02-26-2013 Polymer capacitor dazzles flash manufacturer
02-26-2013 Connecting the (Quantum) Dots
02-25-2013 Scientists Develop A Whole New Way of Harvesting Energy from the Sun
02-25-2013 Two Vortex Trails With One Stroke, challenging one-vortex consensus
02-25-2013 Future Evidence for Extraterrestrial Life Might Come from Dying Stars
02-25-2013 Ability of brain to protect itself from damage revealed
02-24-2013 Study reveals origins of body fat
02-24-2013 Quantum algorithm breakthrough performs first true calculation
02-24-2013 A new look at high-temperature superconductors
02-22-2013 Researchers further refine 'NanoVelcro' device to grab single cancer cells from blood
02-22-2013 Complete Heart Regeneration Demonstrated in Mice
02-21-2013 Fruit flies force their young to drink alcohol -- for their own good
02-21-2013 "Unparticles" - Evidence for a fifth force could lie beneath our feet
02-21-2013 Journey to the Limits of Spacetime
02-20-2013 Human cognition depends upon slow-firing neurons
02-20-2013 Scientists make older adults less forgetful in memory tests
02-20-2013 Searching for the Solar System’s Chemical Recipe
02-20-2013 Researchers build Quad HD TV chip
02-19-2013 Scientists fit light-emitting bioprobe in a single cell
02-19-2013 Scientists Discover Link Between Cold Temperature and Longer Lifespan
02-19-2013 It's Not Just Amyloid: White Matter Hyperintensities and Alzheimer's Disease
02-19-2013 A diet of resistant starch helps the body resist colorectal cancer
02-14-2013 A Quantum Dot Energy Harvester: Turning Waste Heat into Electricity
02-13-2013 A war without end -- Earth’s carbon cycle is held in balance
02-13-2013 The quantum coin toss -- Randomness reflects fundamental uncertainty, not ignorance
02-12-2013 Building a biochemistry lab on a chip
02-11-2013 Scientists create automated 'time machine' to reconstruct ancient languages
02-11-2013 A system that improves the precision of GPS in cities by 90 percent
02-11-2013 Searching for magnetic monopoles in polar rocks
02-11-2013 Newly identified natural protein blocks HIV, other deadly viruses
02-11-2013 New Details on the Molecular Machinery of Cancer
02-11-2013 Engineers design new synthetic biology circuits that combine memory and logic
02-08-2013 Physicists extract photons from diamond ring
02-08-2013 New brain-test app
02-07-2013 Peering into living cells -- without dye nor fluophore
02-06-2013 Tiny capsule effectively kills cancer cells
02-05-2013 Stored photons interact in atom cloud
02-05-2013 Using Single Quantum Dots to Probe Nanowires
02-05-2013 Vitamin D, omega-3 may help clear amyloid plaques found in Alzheimer's
02-05-2013 Does probability come from quantum physics?
02-04-2013 Study sheds light on cellular reprogramming
02-04-2013 Some cancer mutations slow tumor growth
02-04-2013 Can Cancer Be Turned Against Itself?
02-03-2013 Researchers Improve Quantum-Dot Performance
02-01-2013 Scientists Reverse Aging by Increasing Sirtuin Activity
02-01-2013 Discovery in synthetic biology a step closer to new industrial revolution
01-31-2013 Researchers Create High-Resolution Map of Gene Regulatory Elements in the Brain
01-31-2013 Mapping the living cell -- New technique pinpoints protein locations
01-30-2013 Study uncovers the common ground of scientific opposites
01-30-2013 Findings buck conventional wisdom about how stress-response protein works
01-29-2013 Source produces indistinguishable electrons -- Technique could help entangle electrons
01-29-2013 "Super" Enzyme Protects Against Dangers of Oxygen
01-29-2013 Diabetes drug could hold promise for lung cancer patients
01-29-2013 A better way to culture central nervous cells
01-28-2013 New look at cell membrane reveals surprising organization
01-28-2013 Nanosilicon Produces Hydrogen on Demand
01-24-2013 Evolution Inspires More Efficient Solar Cell Design
01-24-2013 DNA and Quantum Dots: All That Glitters is Not Gold
01-24-2013 Optical tractor beam sorts tiny particles
01-24-2013 Chameleon Star Baffles Astronomers
01-23-2013 Right target, but missing the bulls-eye for Alzheimer's
01-23-2013 Storing data in individual molecules
01-23-2013 Self-Assembling Silica Microwires May Herald New Generation of Integrated Optical Devices
01-21-2013 Microbiologists eavesdrop on the hidden lives of microbes
01-21-2013 The skin aging regulator
01-20-2013 New nano-lens microscopes can detect viruses, other objects at nanoscale
01-20-2013 Four-stranded 'quadruple helix' DNA structure proven to exist in human cells
01-20-2013 Rare earth metals make water-repellent surfaces that last
01-18-2013 Physicists create SQUID-like Bose-Einstein condensate
01-18-2013 Multiple steps toward the 'quantum singularity'
01-17-2013 New Key to Organism Complexity Identified
01-17-2013 Novel technique reveals dynamics of telomere DNA structure
01-16-2013 Robot allows 'remote presence' in programming brain and spine stimulators
01-15-2013 Researcher Using Snail Teeth to Improve Solar Cells and Batteries
01-15-2013 Study finds a new culprit for epileptic seizures
01-14-2013 Fetal exposure to PVC plastic chemical linked to obesity in offspring
01-14-2013 Tissue Engineers Report Knee Cartilage Repair Success With New Biomaterial
01-14-2013 Cancer Suppressor Gene Links Metabolism with Cellular Aging
01-11-2013 Proteins boost quantum coherence in bacteria
01-11-2013 How to treat heat like light
01-10-2013 Chronic Endurance Training Linked to Longer Telomeres in Older Adults
01-09-2013 Chips that can steer light -- Record-setting 'optical phased arrays'
01-09-2013 The Farthest Supernova Yet for Measuring Cosmic History
01-08-2013 Fast food isn't only culprit in expanding waistlines -- DNA is also to blame
01-08-2013 Tiny tools help advance medical discoveries
01-08-2013 'Boson sampling' offers shortcut to quantum computing
01-08-2013 Rudimentary Atom Capacitor
01-07-2013 New Path to More Efficient Organic Solar Cells Uncovered
01-07-2013 New compound overcomes drug-resistant Staph infection in mice
01-04-2013 Testing the nature of dark energy and dark matter
01-04-2013 A temperature below absolute zero
01-03-2013 Pesticides and Parkinson's: UCLA researchers uncover further proof of a link
01-03-2013 How Computers Push on the Molecules They Simulate
01-03-2013 Carbon in Vesta's craters
01-02-2013 Aerobic, Not Resistance, Exercise is Best Bet For Weight and Fat Loss
12-28-2012 Researchers develop acrobatic space rovers to explore moons and asteroids
12-27-2012 Cellular fuel gauge may hold the key to restricting cancer growth
12-26-2012 Physicists create ‘recipe book’ for building new materials
12-26-2012 Development of New Cornea Endothelial Cell Lines Provides Powerful Tool
12-24-2012 Why some grasses got better photosynthesis
12-23-2012 Chinese Medicine Yields Secrets to Scientists
12-21-2012 Forget solid, liquid, and gas: there are more than 500 phases of matter
12-21-2012 Flexible, light solar cells could provide new opportunities
12-20-2012 Scientists Create New Approach to Destroy Disease-Associated RNAs in Cells
12-20-2012 Research finds key gene for regenerating cells after heart attack
12-19-2012 Researchers discover a new kind of magnetism
12-19-2012 Study finds ways to prevent muscle loss, obesity and diabetes
12-18-2012 Protein Creates Paths For Growing Nerve Cells
12-18-2012 Researchers find a glitch' in pulsar 'glitch' theory
12-17-2012 Achilles' heel of pathogenic bacteria discovered
12-17-2012 Reproduction and life span are intertwined
12-17-2012 Study Unmasks Regulator of Healthy Life Span
12-14-2012 Metamaterials Experts Show Way To Reduce Electrons’ Effective Mass to Nearly Zero
12-14-2012 Scientists Developing Quick Way to ID People Exposed to Ionizing Radiation
12-14-2012 Speeding up electronics to light frequencies
12-14-2012 Tissue engineering: Growing new organs, and more
12-13-2012 Team solves mystery associated with DNA repair
12-13-2012 Harnessing solar energy - Novel approach yields both electricity and heat
12-13-2012 Aerobic exercise boosts brain power
12-13-2012 X-ray laser takes aim at cosmic mystery
12-12-2012 Invention helps underwater vessels navigate with ease
12-12-2012 Magnetic metamaterials could boost wireless energy transmission
12-11-2012 New knowledge about the remarkable properties of black holes
12-11-2012 Anti-aging gene identified as tumor suppressor in mice
12-10-2012 Targeting Senescent Cells to Reduce Human Aging
12-10-2012 Flexible graphene transistor sets new records
12-10-2012 Researchers develop the smallest indium gallium arsenide transistor ever built.
12-07-2012 Laser pulse makes insulator conduct like a metal
12-07-2012 New Antidepressant Acts Very Rapidly and is Long Lasting
12-06-2012 Scientists Discover Novel Mechanism by Which Calorie Restriction Influences Longevity
12-06-2012 Flexible Silicon Solar-Cell Fabrics May Soon Become Possible
12-05-2012 Deuterium from a quantum sieve
12-05-2012 Sirtuin 6 Protects Human Cells Against DNA Damage, Telomere Shortening, and Senescence
12-05-2012 100 million-year-old regions of DNA shows short cut to crop science advances
12-04-2012 Quantum Thermodynamics - A better understanding of how atoms soak up their surroundings
12-04-2012 The dance of quantum tornadoes
12-03-2012 Scientists develop faster, safer method for producing stem cells
12-03-2012 World's Smallest Wrench Puts a New Twist on Microscopic Manipulation
12-03-2012 Food Allergies? Pesticides in Tap Water Might be to Blame
11-30-2012 Molecular knock-out alleviates Alzheimer’s symptoms in mice
11-29-2012 Black hole upsets galaxy models
11-28-2012 First controllable atomic circuit that functions analogously to a SQID
11-28-2012 Discovery could revolutionize semiconductor manufacture
11-27-2012 Proving quantum computers feasible
11-27-2012 Synthetic fuels could eliminate entire U.S. need for crude oil, create 'new economy'
11-27-2012 Lead-proton collisions yield surprising results
11-26-2012 Underwater robots smart enough to explore treacherous deep-ocean terrain
11-26-2012 Quantum-dot photodetector offers short cut for electrons
11-25-2012 Funneling the sun’s energy
11-23-2012 Cosmic refinery
11-20-2012 Aged Human Cells Rejuvenated and Used for Cardiac Repair
11-20-2012 Toshiba sends quantum keys long distances on busy optical fibers
11-19-2012 Super-efficient solar-energy technology unveiled
11-15-2012 Controlling heat flow through a nanostructure
11-15-2012 When the going gets tough, the tough get... more relief from a placebo?
11-14-2012 Research breakthrough could halt melanoma metastasis
11-14-2012 Brain waves make waves
11-14-2012 Landmark Study Finds Cause of Hydra Immortality is Linked to Human Lifespan
11-12-2012 On the hunt for rare cancer cells
11-12-2012 Scientists unravel the mystery of marine methane oxidation
11-09-2012 Nanocrystals produce hydrogen using sunlight
11-08-2012 Hunting neuron killers in Alzheimer’s and TBI
11-08-2012 Comet collisions every six seconds explain 17-year-old stellar mystery
11-08-2012 MicroRNAs in plants: Regulation of the regulator
11-08-2012 Study Shows Increasing Exercise Increases Lifespan
11-07-2012 Medical devices powered by the ear itself
11-07-2012 Recent studies bring fossils and genes together to piece together evolutionary history
11-07-2012 Metformin offers cardio benefits over sulfonylureas in diabetes
11-06-2012 Team finds a new way to inhibit blood clotting and inflammation
11-05-2012 Inside the unconscious brain
11-05-2012 Researchers identify unexpected bottleneck in spread of herpes simplex virus
11-05-2012 Cell Senescence Preventing Factor Identified
11-02-2012 Temporary storage for electrons - Natural method of producing hydrogen
10-31-2012 New Target Discovered for Treatment of Peanut Allergy
10-31-2012 Scientists build the first all-carbon solar cell
10-30-2012 Folding Funnels Key to Biomimicry
10-30-2012 Honeybees harbor antibiotic-resistance genes
10-29-2012 Neanderthals meet Homo sapiens
10-29-2012 Looking beyond space and time to cope with quantum theory
10-25-2012 Using the world’s rarest element to study the world’s rarest force
10-25-2012 Far from random, evolution follows a predictable genetic pattern
10-24-2012 Grandmas Made Humans Live Longer
10-24-2012 Earth’s magnetosphere behaves like a sieve
10-24-2012 Measuring Table-Top Accelerators’ State-of-the-Art Beams
10-23-2012 Training Your Robot the PaR-PaR Way
10-22-2012 State-of-the-Art Beams From Table-Top Accelerators
10-22-2012 Tiny pores in graphene could give rise to membranes
10-22-2012 A circuit diagram of the mouse brain
10-22-2012 Milky Way's black hole getting ready for snack
10-22-2012 Stem Cell Bodyguards
10-21-2012 New insight on managing fungal meningitis outbreak
10-19-2012 Chip puts a twist on light
10-18-2012 Viruses act like self-packing suitcases
10-18-2012 Mutivitamin Use Reduces Cancer Occurence in Middle Aged Males
10-17-2012 Bus Service for Qubits
10-17-2012 New military apparel repels chemical and biological agents
10-17-2012 A glance at the brain's circuit diagram
10-16-2012 FGF21 Found to Extend Lifespan in Mice
10-15-2012 Scientists identify likely origins of vertebrate air breathing
10-15-2012 Engineers control thousands of cells simultaneously using magnetic nanoparticles
10-15-2012 Study suggests how expanding waistlines may contribute to cancer
10-15-2012 Another Advance on the Road to Spintronics
10-11-2012 Neural-like Stem Cells from Muscle Tissue May Hold Key to Therapies for Neurodegenerative Diseases
10-11-2012 'Invisibility' could be a key to better electronics
09-27-2012 Science make old muscles young again with common FGF2 inhibitor drug
06-21-2012 Neiker-Tecnalia identifies antitumour proteins in the latex of the plant Euphorbia trigona
06-20-2012 Study Reveals Importance of Cell Membrane Constitution in Longevity
06-20-2012 Researchers Find Gold Nanoparticles Capable of 'Unzipping' DNA
06-20-2012 Graphene? From any lab!
06-19-2012 Study: No-fat, low-fat dressings don't get most nutrients out of salads
06-19-2012 Inhibition of NF-xB Delays Senescence and Aging
06-18-2012 Scientists discover how key enzyme involved in aging, cancer assembles
06-18-2012 Too much salt may damage blood vessels and lead to high blood pressure
06-18-2012 Breakthrough in the understanding of high-temperature superconductivity
06-18-2012 Peaches, plums, nectarines give obesity, diabetes slim chance
06-15-2012 Scientists tie DNA repair to key cell signaling network
06-15-2012 Resveratrol Found to Reduce Senescence and Activate Telomerase
06-15-2012 Quantum bar magnets in a transparent salt
06-15-2012 Neutrons escaping to a parallel world?
06-14-2012 Tiny Vitamin in Milk, in High Doses, Makes Mice Leaner, Faster and Stronger
06-14-2012 How aging normal cells fuel tumor growth and metastasis
06-13-2012 Children Born to Older Fathers and Grandfathers May Live Longer
06-13-2012 Scientists observe electrons become both heavy and speedy
06-13-2012 Fabric of space is not as "knotted" as some theories predict
06-12-2012 DNA Switches Discovered to Decline Significantly with Age
06-12-2012 Small molecule prevents cancer-causing message from entering the cell nucleus
06-11-2012 Study Proves Senescent Cells Cause Nearby Cells to Become Senescent
06-07-2012 Physicists use ultrafast lasers to create first tabletop X-ray device
06-07-2012 Secret of super-power shrimp revealed
06-06-2012 Increasing Protein Cisd2 Levels Extends Lifespan and Reduces Aging
06-05-2012 Identified an anti-oncogene into an oncogene; antitumor molecule discovered
06-05-2012 Splitting the Unsplittable: a precision process using quantum mechanics
06-03-2012 Study Suggests Expanding the Genetic Alphabet May Be Easier than Previously Thought
06-02-2012 Cancer Therapy That Boosts Immune System Ready For Wider Testing
06-01-2012 Artificial muscle as shock absorber
06-01-2012 Computer-designed proteins programmed to disarm a variety of flu viruses
05-31-2012 Livermorium and Flerovium join the periodic table of elements
05-31-2012 'Intelligent medicine' erases side effects
05-31-2012 New research shows runners can improve health and performance with less training
05-30-2012 Quark Excitement: Is there anything smaller?
05-30-2012 Short Movie Stored in An Atomic Memory
05-30-2012 New device warns workers of high levels of airborne metals in minutes rather than weeks
05-30-2012 "Killer stainless steel": New process
05-30-2012 Researchers say tart cherries have 'the highest anti-inflammatory content of any food'
05-30-2012 A Better Delivery System for Chemotherapy Drugs
05-29-2012 Release of comprehensive human cancer genome data helps researchers everywhere speed discoveries
05-29-2012 Study Reveals How the World's First Drug for Amyloid Disease Works
05-24-2012 Spin structure reveals key to new forms of digital storage
05-24-2012 Method Discovered to Stop Stem Cell Aging
05-24-2012 How to make a material that shrinks when stretched
05-24-2012 Device may inject a variety of drugs without using needles
05-22-2012 Is Amyloidosis the Limiting Factor for Humans Lifespan?
05-21-2012 Scientists take a giant step forward in understanding plutonium
05-21-2012 Study reveals how high-fat foods impact diabetes and metabolic syndrome
05-21-2012 Aspirin Proven to Activate AMPK: May Extend Lifespan
05-19-2012 Strategy Discovered to Activate Genes that Suppress Tumors and Inhibit Cancer
05-18-2012 Wireless retinal implant could allow for higher-resolution vision
05-17-2012 Large Study Finds Coffee Drinkers Live Longer
05-15-2012 UCLA study shows high-fructose diet sabotages learning, memory
05-15-2012 Telomerase Gene Therapy Shown to Extend Lifespan
05-14-2012 Aspirin May Cut Melanoma Risk
05-14-2012 Experts hail 'cancer breakthrough'
05-11-2012 Engineer Thinks We Could Build a Real Starship Enterprise in 20 Years
05-11-2012 One-two punch knocks out aggressive breast cancer cells
05-10-2012 Frequency comb takes a measure of distance
05-10-2012 Angiotensin Receptor Gene Variant Linked to Extreme Longevity
05-09-2012 Low-Cost Nanosheet Catalyst Discovered to Sustainably Split Hydrogen from Water
05-09-2012 Silicon 'prism' bends gamma rays
05-09-2012 Soybeans soaked in warm water naturally release key cancer-fighting substance
05-09-2012 First study investigating possible link between sunscreen ingredient and endometriosis
05-08-2012 Naked Mole Rat Proteosomes Discovered to be Longevity Clue
05-07-2012 Liver Fat Gets a Wake-Up Call That Maintains Blood Sugar Levels
05-04-2012 SUN-1 Protein Implicated in Aging
05-03-2012 How broken DNA molecule gets repaired
05-02-2012 "Miracle material" graphene is thinnest known anti-corrosion coating
05-01-2012 Smart gas sensors for better chemical detection
05-01-2012 Weight loss led to reduction in inflammation
04-30-2012 Researchers develop rapid test strips to detect swimming water contamination
04-27-2012 Fruit flies provide new knowledge about uninhibited cell growth
04-26-2012 A new generation of ultra-small and high precision lasers emerges
04-26-2012 Researchers make glass that’s anti-fogging, self-cleaning and free of glare
04-24-2012 Reaction to Zoloft suggests alternative cause, drug target for depression
04-23-2012 New Lifespan Extending Compound Synthesized
04-23-2012 Scientists propose a solution to a critical barrier to producing fusion
04-22-2012 Controlling heat flow with atomic-level precision
04-20-2012 Epigentics of Aging Genes Identified
04-19-2012 Effect of Diet and Exercise on Aging Gene Expression
04-19-2012 Exercise reduces risk of death from cardiovascular disease in people with high blood pressure
04-16-2012 Chronic Buckyball Administration Doubles Rat Lifespan
04-12-2012 Engineered stem cells seek out and kill HIV in living organisms
04-11-2012 Handheld device for doing blood tests moves closer to medical use
04-11-2012 Hybrid copper-gold nanoparticles convert carbon dioxide
04-09-2012 Tiny particles could manufacture cancer drugs at tumor sites
04-05-2012 Quantum Computer Built Inside a Diamond
04-05-2012 Link between circadian rhythms and metabolism may lead to new therapies for sleep and diabetes
04-04-2012 Red wine, fruit compound similar to resveratrol could help block fat cell formation
04-04-2012 Primitive consciousness emerges first as you awaken from anesthesia
04-03-2012 Scientists Use New Method to Identify Longevity Proteins
03-29-2012 Engineering researchers use electricity to generate alternative fuel
03-29-2012 Tiny sensors could aid rapid MRSA detection
03-26-2012 New Synthetic Biology Technique Boosts Microbial Production of Diesel Fuel
03-23-2012 Sleeping after processing new info most effective, new study shows
03-22-2012 Fruit Flies Get Kidney Stones Too, May Hold Key to Treatment for Humans
03-21-2012 Daily Aspirin Prevents Cancer
03-20-2012 Nuclear fusion simulation shows high-gain energy output
03-19-2012 Cheaper, quieter and fuel-efficient biplanes could put supersonic travel on the horizon
03-19-2012 Looking at quantum gravity in a mirror
03-14-2012 Making silk fibers that kill anthrax and other microbes in minutes
03-07-2012 Could a NOSH-Aspirin-a-Day Keep Cancer Away?
03-06-2012 Researchers Developing Promising Treatment for Safely Decontaminating Humans Exposed to Radiation
02-29-2012 New hybrid 'NOSH aspirin' as possible anti-cancer drug