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Bentham Science announces new journal, Current Mechanics and Advanced Materials

( Bentham Science Publishers) Bentham Science announces the launch of the subscription-based journal, Current Mechanics and Advanced Materials.

Bentham Science launches the journal New Emirates Medical Journal

( Bentham Science Publishers) Bentham Science is pleased to announce the launch of the Open Access journal, New Emirates Medical Journal.

UMass Amherst scientists developing small device to improve understanding of schizophrenia

( University of Massachusetts at Amherst) Two high-tech health researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have received a $1.15 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop a wireless device, worn like a necklace, that aims to transform the understanding and treatment of schizophrenia.

NASA-NOAA satellite catches last burst before demise of Tropical Depression 17E

( NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite passed over Mexico and found two small areas of very strong thunderstorms near two different coastlines. One area was in Potential Tropical Cyclone 17E in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and the other was for another system developing in the western Gulf of Mexico.

New augmented reality system lets smartphone users get hands-on with virtual objects

( Brown University) Developed at Brown University, a new augmented reality system places virtual objects within real-world backgrounds on cell phone screens and lets people interact with those object by hand as if they were really there.

Clingfish biology inspires better suction cup

( University of California - San Diego) A team of engineers and marine biologists built a better suction cup inspired by the mechanism that allows the clingfish to adhere to both smooth and rough surfaces. Researchers reverse engineered the clingfish's suction disk and developed devices that cling well to wet and dry objects both in an out of water. The devices can hold up to hundreds of times their own weight.

Recovering 'lost dimensions' of images and video

( Massachusetts Institute of Technology) MIT researchers have developed a model that recovers valuable data lost from images and video that have been 'collapsed' into lower dimensions.

Consumers trust influencers less when there is a variety of choices for a product

( Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) Consumers have been relying on opinion leader recommendations to make choices about product quality and purchases for a long time. It is even more prominent now with the prevalence of influencers on social media platforms. The problem is, when there is a wide variety of the same product, consumers question if a positive recommendation is based on quality or personal preferences.

NASA's Terra satellite catches end of Atlantic Tropical Depression 15

( NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) Tropical Depression Fifteen or TD15, developed off the west coast of Africa on Oct. 14 by 5 p.m. EDT. The depression never strengthened into a tropical storm before it reached the end of its life. NASA's Terra satellite provided an image of  TD15 after stretched out and ceased being a tropical cyclone.

First genome of spotted lanternfly built from a single insect

( US Department of Agriculture - Agricultural Research Service) Agricultural Research Service scientists have published the first genome of the invasive spotted lanternfly (SLF) in the journal Gigascience and they did it from a single caught-in-the-wild specimen. Not only is it the first published genome for this pest, but no closely related species has had its genome sequenced, making the data even more important, according to entomologist Scott M. Geib with the ARS Daniel K Inouye US Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center.

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