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Take a bath 90 minutes before bedtime to get better sleep

( University of Texas at Austin) Biomedical engineers at UT Austin have found a way for people to get better shuteye. Systematic review protocols allowed researchers to analyze thousands of studies linking water-based passive body heating, or bathing and showering with warm/hot water, with improved sleep quality.

KIST uesed eco-friendly composite catalyst and ultrasound to remove pollutants from water

( National Research Council of Science & Technology) Developed eco-friendly, low-cost, and high-efficiency wastewater processing catalyst made from agricultural byproduct, and High efficiency and removal rate achieved through application of ultrasound stimulation, leading to high expectation for the development of an environmental hormone removal system.

KERI, reducing the size and weight of medical MRI equipment by more than half

( National Research Council of Science & Technology) The Superconductivity Research Center of the Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI, President Gyu-ha Choe) has developed a superconducting insulation technology that can significantly reduce the size and weight of medical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment.

Smart irrigation model predicts rainfall to conserve water

( Cornell University) A predictive model combining information about plant physiology, real-time soil conditions and weather forecasts can help make more informed decisions about when and how much to irrigate. This could save 40 percent of the water consumed by more traditional methods, according to new Cornell University research.

NASA sees Tropical Storm Danas track through the East China Sea

( NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) NASA's Aqua satellite provided a visible image of Tropical Storm Danas moving through the East China Sea on July 19, 2019.

Study reveals genetic similarities of osteosarcoma between dogs and children

( The Translational Genomics Research Institute) A bone cancer known as osteosarcoma is genetically similar in dogs and human children, according to the results of a study published today by Tufts University and the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), an affiliate of City of Hope. The findings could help break the logjam in the treatment of this deadly disease, which hasn't seen a significant medical breakthrough in nearly three decades.

2007, 2012, 2019: University of Excellence in Konstanz

( University of Konstanz) The University of Konstanz will also be funded as a University of Excellence within the context of the new German Excellence Strategy competition.

TU Dresden retains its title as University of Excellence

( Technische Universit├Ąt Dresden) Everybody at our university is excited: TU Dresden has received permanent funding as a University of Excellence! This was announced this afternoon at a press conference given by the German Council of Science and Humanities. The decision was made by the Excellence Commission, comprised of the Committee of Experts as well as federal and state ministers of research.

Flexible user interface distribution for ubiquitous multi-device interaction

( The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)) KAIST researchers have developed mobile software platform technology that allows a mobile application (app) to be executed simultaneously and more dynamically on multiple smart devices. Its high flexibility and broad applicability can help accelerate a shift from the current single-device paradigm to a multiple one, which enables users to utilize mobile apps in ways previously unthinkable.

Atomically precise models improve understanding of fuel cells

( Kyushu University) Simulations from researchers in Japan provide new insights into the reactions occurring in solid-oxide fuel cells by using realistic atomic-scale models of the electrode active site based on microscope observations instead of the simplified and idealized atomic structures employed in previous studies. This better understanding of how the structures in the cells affect the reactions could give clues on ways to improve performance and durability in future devices.

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